Hello everyone! My name is Denys Demydov. I am from Ukraine. I work on the Internet, do diplomatic affairs and travel!

Traveling for me is what helps me to create. It is motivation, mood, knowledge! I created this site for those who love to travel. On it I try to collect not only my personal impressions from different corners of our incredible planet, but also to share maximum information about how to travel cheaply and without problems for you! In addition, I describe a lot of interesting stories from life, make notes about photography, self-development and earning online. I sincerely hope that this site will bring you a lot of usefulness and pleasure!


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New landscape of Khortytsya after the explosion of the Kakhovskaya HPP and what can be found at the former bottom of the Dnieper River

17.03.2024/by Kwidoo

Bukhtivetsky and Krapelkovy waterfalls

16.03.2024/by Kwidoo

Samara forest and my first trip for mushrooms

15.03.2024/by Kwidoo

Burbun Waterfall (Khmelnitsky region)

10.03.2024/by Kwidoo
Мои впечатления от трекинга на гору Маковица в Украине

Makovytsia Mountain (Yaremche, Carpathians, Ukraine)

09.03.2024/by Kwidoo

Carnet de Passages: what it is, whether it is needed and where to get it

09.03.2024/by Kwidoo

Solar eclipses: when and how they can be observed and photographed

13.02.2020/by Kwidoo

How do you celebrate the new year in Italy?

06.02.2020/by Kwidoo

How to choose a sunscreen: benefits, harm, composition and rules of use

04.02.2020/by Kwidoo

Uzhgorod. The smallest regional center. Photo report

03.02.2020/by Kwidoo

Scythian camp on Khortytsya Island

03.02.2020/by Kwidoo

Il Mercato Italian Street in Sharm. An ideal place for evening strolls

30.11.2019/by Kwidoo

Daugavgrīva Fortress in Riga. Where Russia first gained access to the sea

28.11.2019/by Kwidoo

Bernardine Garden in Vilnius, where it is pleasant to walk in the evenings

27.11.2019/by Kwidoo

Pääsküla bog, Tallinn. No need for Susanin here!

26.11.2019/by Kwidoo

How to protect your bicycle wheels from punctures

29.10.2018/by Kwidoo

Don’t take the kids outside the hotel for a walk.

10.06.2018/by Kwidoo

The Sinai desert as an alternative reality

04.06.2018/by Kwidoo

Snorkeling: how to choose a mask, snorkel, fins and swim underwater correctly

04.02.2018/by Kwidoo

Numismatics in traveling – collecting coins from different countries

19.01.2018/by Kwidoo
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